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It is important when you read information on the internet to assess how useful it is to you. This is because anyone can put anything on the internet. For example, Wikipedia can be edited by anyone! When you are looking at a website, you can consider the following guide, which will help you to evaluate (make a decision) about which websites and information from the internet is reliable enough for your assignments.

The CRAP test.

Currency: When was it published?
How recent is the information?
Does this effect how useful it is?
Reliability: Is it accurate?
Does it provide references for quotations and data?
Do the links work?
Authority: Who is the author?
Do they have experience, expertise and credentials in the area being discussed?
Who is the publisher?
Purpose/ Point of View: what is the intent of the website (to persuade, to sell, to provide information)?
What is the domain (.edu, .org, .gov, .com)?
Are there ads on the website?
Who is the intended audience?
Once you have examined the information you find, you can decide whether it is useful for your search or not.
Note: Wikipedia is a useful resource for general information on a topic, however should not be used as your main or only reference. It is a useful site to visit for some ideas, and you can then check the information provided by looking at some other sources.