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Learning assistance faculty (autism support)

Learning Assistance Faculty at a glance:

The Learning Assistance Faculty (LAF) is a learning support unit set up to specifically support students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. The academic setting of the support unit varies significantly to students enrolled in a mainstream setting. There are four classes in LAF, each consisting of seven students, a teacher and a student learning support officer (SLSO). Students enrolled in LAF have varied patterns of study with some students completing life skills outcomes, some completing mainstream outcomes and some completing a mixture of both. Placement of students in a learning support unit is determined through collaboration with Evans High School, a student’s current school, parents, carers and a placement panel from the Department of Education.


Our philosophy:

Our philosophy in the Learning Assistance Faculty is to provide inclusive and engaging academic and social programs which challenge the student’s individual needs and abilities.  We provide individual education programs, individual transition programs, community education programs which develop functional skills through experiential learning, visuals, social stories and video-modelling to support our students’ learning. Our goal for our students is to continually develop their skills to become successful, well rounded and independent individuals.


Snapshot of assessment in the Learning Assistance Faculty:

Students in the Learning Assistance Faculty complete assessment tasks within the classroom setting. This allows teachers to provide appropriate supports when being assessed.



The various subjects that students participate in in LAF create opportunities for our students to use equipment from all key learning areas. Students use subject specific equipment during food technology practicals, art lessons, music lessons, multimedia lessons and sport lessons. Students need to have enclosed leather shoes for practical TAS subjects, stationery for all theory lessons and the school sports uniform for physical education practical lessons.