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Ancient History

Course Overview:

The study of Ancient History engages students in an investigation of life in early societies based on the analysis and interpretation of physical and written remains. It offers students the opportunity to investigate the possible motivations and actions of individuals and groups, and how they shaped the political, social, economic and cultural landscapes of the ancient world. Ancient History stimulates students’ curiosity and imagination and enriches their appreciation of humanity by introducing them to a range of cultures and beliefs as well as to the origins and influences of ideas, values and behaviours that are still relevant in the modern world.


What will you learn about?

Preliminary Course

·      Investigating Ancient History (50%)

-           The Nature of Ancient History

Representation of the Ancient Past with a focus on Troy

-           Case Studies

The Romans Games and Persepolis

·      Features of Ancient Societies (35%)

Weapons and Warfare Societies in Carthage and Rome

·      Historical investigation (15%)

An individual research project conducted by the student into an area of Ancient History of their own choosing.

The Preliminary Course is structured to provide students with opportunities to develop and apply their understanding of methods and issues involved in the investigation of the ancient past. Through the use of archaeological and written sources, students investigate various aspects of the ancient world, including historical sites, people, societies, events and developments.

HSC Course

·      Core Study: Cities of Vesuvius: Pompeii and Herculaneum (25%)

·      Ancient Societies (25%)

Spartan Society to the Battle of Leuctra 371BC

·      Personalities in their Times (25%)

Rome – Julius Caesar

·      Historical Periods (25%)

The Julio-Claudians AD14-69

The Higher School Certificate course is structured to provide students with opportunities to apply their understanding of archaeological and written sources and relevant historiographical issues in the investigation of the ancient past. 


Particular Course Requirements:

There are no prerequisites for this course.


Is this course a Category A or Category B course?

Category A.


Who can you ask for more information?

Mr Murphy or Mrs Celeban.


Does this course count towards your ATAR?



What types of assessments will be used to determine your final mark?

Source Analysis, Presentations, Extended Responses, Examinations.



There is a $10 fee that is included with this subject.



It is recommended that students are confident in their extended response writing, as well as having a keen interest in undertaking independent research.