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Business Studies

Course Overview:

Business activity is a feature of everyone’s life. Throughout the world people engage in a web of business activities to design, produce, market, deliver and support a range of goods and services. In addition, investors, consumers and employees depend on the business sector for much of their quality of life.

As a course, Business Studies is distinctive in that it encompasses the theoretical and practical aspects of business in contexts which students will encounter throughout their lives. Conceptually, it offers learning from the planning of a small business to the management of operations, marketing, finance and human resources in large businesses. Through the analysis of contemporary business strategies the course also provides rigour and depth and lays an excellent foundation for students either in tertiary study or in future employment.


What will you learn about?

The Preliminary course examines the above with a focus on small to medium enterprises whereas in the Higher School Certificate course the focus is large businesses, many of which operate at a global scale.

Preliminary Course

·      Nature of Business (20%)

·      Business Management (40%)

·      Business Planning (40%)

HSC Course

·      Operations (25%)

·      Marketing (25%)

·      Finance (25%)

·      Human Resources (25%)


Particular Course Requirements:

There are no prerequisites for this course.


Is this course a Category A or Category B course?

Category A.


Who can you ask for more information?

Ms Espejel, Ms Miller and Mrs Celeban.


Does this course count towards your ATAR?



What types of assessments will be used to determine your final mark?

Business reports, analysis of business data, case studies, extended responses and examinations.



There is a $10 fee that is included with this subject.



It is recommended that students are confident in their extended response writing, as well as having a keen interest in undertaking independent research.