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Legal Studies

Course Overview:

The Legal Studies course offers a study of the legal system, its principles, structures, institutions and processes. It allows students to question and evaluate legal institutional structures in the domestic and international environments and to undertake an analysis of other political and institutional structures. The course will assist in the development of students’ knowledge of their basic legal rights and responsibilities in a broad selection of contexts which appeal to their interests.


What will you learn about?

Preliminary Course

  • Core Part I: The legal system (40%)
  • Core Part II: The individual and the law (30%)
  • Core Part III: Law in practice (30%)

Students develop an understanding of the nature and functions of law through the examination of the law-making processes and institutions. Further, students investigate the way in which the law impacts on individuals and operates in practice by referring to legal and non-legal institutions, laws and media reports.

HSC Course

  • Core Part I: Crime (30%)
  • Core Part II: Human rights (20%)
  • Part III: Options – Family and Workplace or Consumers (50%)

Through the use of a range of contemporary examples, students investigate criminal law, processes and institutions and the tension between community interests and individual rights and freedoms. Students investigate the notion of human rights and assess the extent to which legal systems embody such human rights and promote them in practice. Lastly, students investigate legal issues within both the family and the workplace to assess the effectiveness of the law in achieving justice in each area.


Particular Course Requirements:

There are no prerequisites for this course.


Is this course a Category A or Category B course?

Category A.


Who can you ask for more information?

Mrs Celeban or Ms Espejel.


Does this course count towards your ATAR?



What types of assessments will be used to determine your final mark?

Extended responses, case studies, stimulus-based responses, media files, presentations and examinations.



There is a $10 fee that is included with this subject.



It is recommended that students are confident in their extended response writing, as well as having a keen interest in undertaking independent research.