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Years 11 - 12 CAFS

Course Overview:

The Stage 6 Community and Family Studies course draws upon sociology, psychology and general life experiences. It focuses on enabling individuals to develop the skills required to effectively function in their everyday life, families and communities.


What will you be taught?

Preliminary Course

Preliminary Core Topics:

  • Resource Management (20%)
  • Individuals and Groups (40%)
  • Families and Communities (40%)

Throughout the Preliminary course, students develop the foundation knowledge required for the HSC course. This includes the basic concepts of the resource management process, the roles and relationships individuals adopt within groups, as well as family structures, functions and the interaction between family and community.

Higher School Certificate Course

HSC Core Topics:

  • Research Methodology (25%)
  • Groups in Context (25%)         
  • Parenting and Caring (25%)

HSC Option Topic:

  • Individuals and Work (25%)

The HSC course builds upon the content learnt in the Preliminary course. It includes ethical research procedures, the needs of specific community groups (such as People with Disabilities and Youth), and the parenting and caring roles individuals adopt. Students also complete and Independent Research Project on a topic of their own choosing.


Particular Course Requirements:

There are no prerequisites for this course.


Is this course a Category A or Category B course?

Category A.


Who can you ask for more information?

Mrs Karam, Ms Reilly-Brown, Ms Baldwin.


Does this course count towards your ATAR?



What types of assessments will be used to determine your final mark?

In the Preliminary course, there will be three formal assessment tasks, with a weighting that ranges from 20-40% of your overall mark. One of these assessment tasks will be an examination.

In the HSC course, there will be four formal assessment tasks, with a weighting that ranges from 10-40% of your overall mark. One of these assessment tasks will be an examination, worth no more than 30%. The Independent Research Project (IRP) will be another assessment task, worth no more than 20% of your overall mark.



There is a $10 fee that is included with this subject, which is used to buy textbooks.



It is recommended that students have an interest in learning about developing the skills and knowledge to manage real life situations and work effectively with people. This course may lead to a career in early childhood education, social work, teaching and other welfare careers.